La Louviere

This is a cast bronze with blazing effects for both partners, that suit all size, made in Switzerland.

The patina is skin-friendly, always ready to drink Champagne.

The bronze is hot waxed to enhance colours and boost surface feeling.

Every shell is uniquely numbered up to 100. Plus one very special with Tahitian pearls.

Trapped in a net

Each shell comes with a hand tied net, containing one small pearl as a glance for this unique desire.

They also come with one lithography to explain one unique unfastenable knot made of a selected synthetic rope slippery and easy to clean.

The bronze patina will evolve with each manipulation as a living sculpture.

People who try, never forget the new feeling it gives to boost their libido. There are wearable under most pants.

For stoutness people, there is a special lengthy rope and for equal pleasures.

This design is protected by a current patent.